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The Costa del Sol is considered as one of the lively places in cosmopolitan resorts in the world; attracts tourists who love skiing the sierras and swimming in the ocean.

Costal del Sol means Sunshine Coast’. It is in the province of Malaga and runs from the east of Gibraltar to the province of Granada. Heavy developments have been in process along the coast.

Despite the heavy developments, crowds can be avoided by using the western second with is in the midst of Gibraltar and San Pedro.

Places to go while in the Costa del Sol


The Nerja for cave wall paintings

Nerja marks Costa del Sol eastern end. It is has a Balcony at the top of a cliff and has a palm-fringed walkway that is lovely.

The Picasso’s birthplace, busy Málaga

Costa del Sol international gateway is Malaga, every year, millions of people arrive at the airports.


The costal resorts of Torremolinos and Fuengirola

Costa del Sol popular side is portrayed by Torremolionos. Tower block hotels stretch inland and this is away from La Carihuela beach and the small beachside restaurants.

Marbella, is also another eye-catching place with its marina and old town that is elegant

Marbella, royalty and celebrities like visiting this place due to its expensive nature.


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The Glamorous Puerto Banús

This is a marina complex for shopping and entrainment. It is full of bars, boutiques that are expensive, nightclubs and restaurants that are classy.

The Estepona, with its golf courses and Moorish remains one of the most luxurious destinations in the country.

Estepons is the last resort and a bit small on the western side of the coast

Six Characters In History And Folklore With Connections To Snowdonia

The beautiful landscape of Snowdonia is largely attributed to the geological occurrences of thousand years ago. However, the people of Snowdonia have taken a responsibility in reshaping the region to make it an attractive historical site.

The history of this region is rated back to characters both mythical as well as real. They span from legends known for their bravery to figures shunned for their underhand practices. Discussed below are six characters that have been connected with the rebuilding of the region.



Vortigern was a disgraced Kentish king early in the 5th century. He was tricked by the Saxons’ leader, Hengist in betraying his own countrymen. As a result, Gwrtheyrn ran off to Snowdonia where he attempted to build a fort.

However, his efforts were cut short because the building kept disappearing. Emrys Wledig, who was a young magician at the time, told him that there were two dragons, white and red representing Saxons and Wales which kept fighting in a pool beneath the fort building.

These dragons drained the pool and continued with their fight in the sky. The red dragon won the battle and secured its place with the Welsh flag. Emrys later built his fort on that site, the famous Dinas Emrys at Beddgelert. Vorytigern fled to the Llyn Peninsula and settled in a place currently known as Nant Gwrtheyrn. The site is a good day visit site that you can visit and learn more about the local history and folklore.

St Beuno


He is the patron saint of North Wales. In the region, you will find his name pinned almost everywhere but is much concentrated in areas close to Clynnog Fawr as well as in the town itself. It was here in the 7th century that he founded his monastic cell.

This monastery later became a church and an important stop over point for the pilgrims headed to Bardsey. There are a number of miracles that have been attributed to his name including an instance where he reattached heads of beheaded women and brought them back to life. St Beuno church in Clynnog Fawr houses the Bardsey pilgrims’ exhibitions.

The building is beautiful and interesting making it an important and worth visiting. There is a well, Beuno’s Well that is located not far from the church that is claimed to have appeared after one of his miracles. It is said to have healing powers.

Thomas Telford

thomas telford

In the 19th century, travel to Snowdonia became easier, thanks to Thomas Telford. He was a well-known engineer and he built the now A5 London to Holy head road. He additionally built the Menai Suspension Bridge. These two structures made it easy to travel between Ireland and London.

He also built the Conwy Suspension Bridge which was one of the road suspensions bridges that were first to be built in the world, as well as the Waterloo Bridge at Betws-y-Coed.

David Pritchard

In 1700, Pritchard was the landlord of the Goat Inn at Beddgelert. Together with members of his committee, rewrote the tales of a legend known as Gelert, who was killed for a crime he did not commit. It is through David that the tale is associated with the village of Snowdonia. This has increased the number of tourists visiting the Beddgelert area.


Gnaeus Julius Agricola was a Roman general who led coups against the Ordovician tribes of Anglesey and North Wales around 77-78 AD. In the course of these rebellions, he left behind several forts such as the Segontium which is located in Caernarfon.

Some of the stones from this fort were used in the construction of the Caernarfon Castle. Other remains left behind by the romans are the Tomen y Mur and the Caer Gai.

King Arthur and Merlin


King Arthur and Merlin are considered to be one and the same person though different personalities. The two characters appear in most tales of Snowdonia and their existence as real characters is yet unknown.

They appear in many tales about the region inclusive of the warring dragons at Dinas Emrys, Bardsey the real Avalon, Arthur’s last battle and the giant on Snowdon. It is recommended that one makes a visit to King Arthur’s so as get more stories concerning the two.

The Very Best Places To Stay In Snowdonia

Snowdonia has some amazing hotels, amazing lounges, Caravan Park and a five star holiday home park. These beautiful features are what make Snowdonia the place to be. Therefore, the 5 amazing places to stay in Snowdonia North Wales includes the following;

Seiont Manor hotel.


This is an exceptionally beautiful hotel that is located in Snowdonia in the middle of the beautiful scenery in North Wales. It was created out of the put buildings of the Georgian Manor house. It is the best place for fishing as the River Seiont is located around it. What sets it apart from the rest of the hotels is that it holds a forty foot swimming pool and an elegantly built terrace for those who like to watch the sunset. The fine dining experience is also one that will leave you breathtaking

B and B Woodland Lounge.

This has definitely got to be the Dolffanog Fawr; an 18th Century farmhouse which has of late been converted and renovated into the petite lavish bed and breakfast guest houses that are located in Snowdonia. It is characterized by:

  • Have 4 en suite rooms that each has taken names from the local rivers around it.
  • They are impartially decorated with the use of woolen carpets.
  • Have artwork that is both local and international.
  • Huge beds that have pinnacled pocket sprung mattresses; not to forget the Welsh clean air for that peaceful sleep.

The Static Caravan Park.

This amazing caravan park is located just close to Dolgellau at Snowdonia.

The Maelan Caravan Park endows with fifty five seasonal fields for that static caravan found at a picturesque location that is surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Snowdonia. Offers a tranquil experience and is perfect for all ages of children. It is also blessed with a local market for your needs; when you go to this caravan park it is often of importance to spend time at the base of mountain Cader Idris.

Brynteg- Five Star Holiday Home Park.

This is strategically located at the foothills of Snowdonia and is surrounded by amazing scenery and pretty beaches; alongside outstanding attractions. It has also been awarded five stars and is one of Snowdonia’s Premier Caravan Parks It proffers a large range of deluxe lodges- provide hot sizzling tubs and magnificent static caravans. In addition to all of this, it also has chic family holiday accommodations that are set up at the heart of these beautiful settings.

If you are still wondering where to go for that weekend getaway or to unwind, Snowdonia is in no doubt the place to be. Try out and have fun.

Tan Y Bryn Caravan Park


Beautifully situated on a peaceful tranquil farm and with stunning views of both the Welsh Countryside and the sea Tan Y Bryn Caravan Park has to make it on any best caravan parks in North Wales guide. The site is family owned where you are guaranteed a very warm welcome.

5 Reasons To Love Winter In Snowdonia

Winter is one of the most magical moments of the calendar year. Though the days are short and the nights are considerably longer, it’s still one of these times that you can really get to have lots of fun. Many tourist attraction sites are closed in the UK especially during the winter period. Some of them are closed for the entire winter period that may run from October till March. However, Snowdonia is an exception. Even through winter, there’s still a lot going on in Snowdonia.


winter snowdonia

The natural contours of the mountain combined with snow and an evening golden beam of light is a sight to behold. Of all the places you will travel to, Snowdonia will always at the very top of the most beautiful places you’ve ever been to. The culture text is excellent. There lots of prehistoric sites. In fact, if you wish to know where the Arthurian stories originated, you should consider visiting Snowdonia.

Great leisure sports

ski snowdonia

There are about 12 leisure sports in the county. There’s everything for everyone. Whether you’d wish to hit the gym or relax at the health suite is up to you to choose. Kayaking, bike riding and mountain climbing are also activities that might interest most people. If you aren’t the dynamic type nature and wildlife are all around. In Snowdonia, there’s always something interesting.


If you are the person who does not really like the idea of following the masses, then you should visit Snowdonia during the winter period. During the warmer months, it’s harder for most to get a parking space because many tourists flock the mountain to get a glimpse of the beauty of Mother Nature.

Nights to behold

snowdonia winter night

Recently named as the International Dark Sky Reverse, Snowdonia joined other ten reserves in the entire world. During winter, Snowdonia is pitch black by 5 pm in the evening. When there are not too many clouds you’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful view of the night sky.

Beautiful Attraction sites

In Snowdonia, the city never falls asleep even in winter. Most attraction sites are open in winter. The winter centers, theatres, museums and the beautiful art galleries guarantee you a beautiful winter and an enjoyable holiday.

With over a hundred and fifty tourist attraction sites, you should consider adding some extra activities to your to-do list. If you are not decided on where you’d want to spend the winter period, quit looking. Snowdonia is the place to be.

Five things to do in and around Tywyn


Every year on the 15th of August, the popular event ” Race the Train”, takes place. It is a unique kind of experience and is a must visit for all passionate runners. The race takes place along the normal route which the train takes everyday during its journey to Abergynolwyn. You will have all the train passengers to cheer you on. There are all kinds of courses, ranging from easy to difficult; you can choose any one of them. There is also a course designed for toddlers, so that they also don’t miss out on the fun.



If you are not a big fan of running, then the next best option is to just get on the train and have a pleasant ride. However, tickets are always in demand so make sure you get them beforehand. It is a scenic ride which allows you to enjoy the beautiful views of the countryside. You can also visit the Railway Museum or visit the cafe for some delicious snacks. There is also the Talyllyn Railway Driver Experience which allows you to take control of a train. Under the guidance of an experienced driver, you can take charge of one of those trains.


The Magic Lantern Cinema is also a great place to visit. It was originally built in 1893 and was initially used by badminton players for practicing and also for other performances. In 1919,it was converted into a cinema hall. It is equipped with all the latest technologies- including a Sony 4K projector and the latest audio visual systems. You will find all the recent hit movies here. There is also a bar available. Apart from that, there are also two stages for comedy or musical events.



If you are a fan of architecture and history, then you can visit the St Cadfen’s Church. It is the oldest building here and dates back as early as the 12th century. This place is mostly famous for the St Cadfan’s Stone. St. Cadfan’s stone belonged to the 7th or 8th century and was founded in 1761. You will find archaic Welsh inscribed on the stone, making it one of the most important historical items of the state. Other than that, there is a well inside the church which supposedly has healing powers and also the effigy of a knight which is believed to cry when it rains.

5. Castell Y bere

If you are looking for an adventure, then this is the best place to visit. It is often overlooked by tourists, but it is a very significant part of the Welsh history. It was built in the 13th century by the Prince of Gwynedd. It is located at a remote location and there is something extremely spooky about this castle. If you are brave enough, then you can visit the castle at sunset when a creepy, shadow like figure can be seen.